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About Brandon's Bartending...

I started Brandon’s Bartending in the early half of 2020 after having traveled across Asia, Europe, North Africa, and throughout North America. I encountered unfamiliar tastes and uncovered new flavour combinations that left me inspired. In-between backpacking various countries, I worked in the food and beverage world in every position possible for almost a decade. I wanted to bring all that I had learned through my travels and incorporate it with my hospitality, to take on a new challenge of bringing all the flavours of the world into a more exciting and expansive territory.

As my restaurant career continued to grow, I took a very keen interest in two things: gourmet drinks and fresh oysters. My passion for oyster sustainability grew following what I learned from working under a seasoned East-Coast inspired chef. I then polished the art of crafting exceptional cocktails and pairing balanced wines for the perfect night. Most recently, I helped build and manage a successful oyster bar at an upscale seafood restaurant in the heart of Vancouver BC, while also bartending and exploring higher management roles within the industry.

The stars have now aligned for this project. Nothing lights me up more than leveraging my passion and skill set to enhance a moment in a meaningful and memorable way. My aim is to create an experience that is the perfect combination of elegance, expertise and enjoyment. 

Ultimately, this experience is about you. I am thrilled to cater to your exact needs and wishes. I aim to build a bar atmosphere that’s easy going, but sophisticated. My promise is always to deliver a healthy assortment of tasty drinks and/or oysters, a personable and energetic environment, and I sincerely hope, a worthwhile compliment to your occasion.

- Brandon Johal

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